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Just give us a call! We’ll need basic information, such as the type of job, level of experience required, length of position, and the location of the job site – the more information we have, the better we can understand your needs.

Our fees are based on the level of the Electricians and Sheet Metal workers needed, and if they require per diem or not. Our typical billing rate is the Electrician’s or Sheet Metal worker’s pay rate X a multiplier.

Yes!  IGS can supply skilled electricians, sheet metal workers, instrument fitters, insulators, and mechanical workers to construction and industrial sites anywhere in the United States.

Our minimum job length requirement is 2 weeks. In most cases the longer the position term, the better for all parties involved.

In certain cases we can have our workers available in 24 hours, but our typical turn around time is one week.

IGS will supply as many workers as the job needs. If for some reason you require more workers than IGS currently has on hand, we will simply hire more skilled technicians to fulfill your business needs.

Of course! We interview everyone we work with and do extensive checks with their job references. In addition, all of our employees must have their own tools for the trade and level.

Our employees have been safety trained and most of them have been through OSHA training classes.

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